Staking is to lock your crypto assets into a smart contract, and then borrow the stablecoin TAI against the smart contract.

NexisDAO allows a user to generate TAI by leveraging over-collateralized assets approved by NexisDAO Governance. dCKB is allowed by default。

dCKB, a tokenized alternative, is introduced by NexisDAO to fix the liquidity shortage presented by NervosDAO.

Stake assets and mint TAI

  • This operation involves multiple scripts, you can directly use the dapp on the official website.

  • If you wanted to do it yourself, please read the following.

Your collateral will be locked in the smart contracts till you burn your debt and pay the interest. Liquidation will be triggered once the value of your collateral falls below the minimum ratio.

In order to avoid liquidation, please try to keep the collateral ratio above 200% especially when the value of the collateral is falling.

CKB Occupation

  • Locked sUDT: 155

  • Staking information: 219

  • TAI: 142(only for the first time)

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